House-Museum of Adam Mitskevich in the Town of Novagrudak

The house-museum of Adam Mitskevich in the town of Novogrudok is not only a biographical museum exhibition - it is also an open air museum. This is a restored nobleman's mansion of the early 19th century: a house, an outhouse, a barn, a well, a pavilion. The museum is included in the list of historical and cultural heritage of the Republic of Belarus. It was opened to visitors on September 11,1938. In June 1941 it was destroyed by a German bomb, rebuilt and re-opened in 1955. The estate acquired its modern appearance in 1990 after a regular reconstruction.

Address: Grodno region, 231400 Novogrudok, Lenin St., 1.
Phone: +375(1597) 232-67, +375(1597) 232-67 (director), +375 (1597) 242-43 (research officers, chief accountant),+375 (1597) 243-40 (admission, chief curator of the funds).
Advance booking of excursions: +375 (1597) 243-40, +375 (1597) 243-40
Phone code for international calls: 375 1597

Музей А.Мицкевича на Фейсбуке Музей А.Мицкевича ВКонтакте

 Музей Адама Міцкевіча 2018
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